Staerk commissioner bid eyes local issues, crime

Discontent, uncertainty and local concerns are among primary issues confronting many Glenside ward 13 residents, believes Ellen Thornton Staerk, based on her door-to-door visits and meet-and-greet gatherings while campaigning for a seat on the Abington Township Board of Commissioners in the Tuesday election of Nov. 7.

“As we’re visiting neighborhood homes, my volunteer team and I are learning that there’s a lot of
concerns out there about the way things are going in Abington Township,” said Mrs. Staerk. “That’s why
the Nov. 7 election is so important locally, as it’s our closest-to-the people, grassroots opportunity to help get things right.  Your township commissioner is the local official one goes to when addressing such everyday issues as broken streetlights, damaging potholes, vehicular traffic situations, neighborhood zoning and assorted ordinances that do or should affect a better way of life in our Glenside area.”

There is a community concern that some of the worst elements of Philadelphia’s crime scene are making their way into Abington, said Mrs. Staerk, citing the fights between two rival, local teen gangs, ongoing public school problems, shootings and other troubling incidents. “That’s why it’s so vitally important that we strongly support our Abington police and the protection and safety they courageously and effectively provide.” said Mrs. Staerk.

Making her first bid for elective office, Mrs. Staerk was Abington’s first woman police officer, and is a local construction business owner, long-time realtor and community activist.  She and her husband, Joseph, live on Sylvania Ave, have four children and nine grandchildren.

For more on Ellen Staerk, you can visit her website at or contact Ellen directly at or 215-651-7645.

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