Springfield Township honors police and public works retirees, Sergeant Christopher Calhoun swears in

The Springfield Township Board of Commissioners honored several retirees during their regular meeting on Thursday, March 28, Chestnut Hill Local reported.

A ceremony led by Police Chief Michael E. Pitkow recognized the following individuals:

The retiring Sergeant Bruce Nesbitt was hired in 1991 and promoted to his current rank in 2012.

“He has completed countless trainings and presently serves as an instructor at the Temple University Police Academy and the Montgomery County Community College Municipal Police Academy,” Chestnut Hill Local said.

Nesbitt’s successor, Sergeant Christopher Calhoun, and Corporal Calvin Wiley were sworn in during the meeting.

Wesley Halloway, an employee of the Public Works Department for 35 years, is retiring.

“He worked in a variety of roles within the Public Works Department, including driving a refuse collection truck, operating a winter maintenance vehicle, and working in the Public Works garage,” Chestnut Hill Local said.

Michael Grove, an employee of the Public Works Department for 39 years, is also retiring.

“Grove worked not only for the Public Works Department as an operator of the department’s street sweeper but also as a volunteer firefighter and assisting with roadway maintenance projects,” Chestnut Hill Local said.

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Photos: Springfield Township PD