Springfield Middle School’s addition and Holy Martyrs School’s daycare/preschool granted zoning approvals, both plans move forward

Springfield Township’s Zoning Hearing Board approved two applications during their regular meeting on Monday, March 25.

Holy Martyrs School, located at 207 Ulmer Avenue in Oreland, was granted approval to use their vacant convent as a daycare/preschool space.

The plan calls for parking, student drop-off and pick-up on rectory property and a play area to be constructed on the vacant lot fronting Clement Road, according to the meeting’s agenda.

“There’s a backstory to this request. In September 2023, Holy Martyrs was granted permission to use the existing school building. Unfortunately, the younger children weren’t permitted to use the second floor, which is where they were,” Mark Penecale, Springfield Township’s zoning officer, said.

Holy Martyrs School

“The parking will be adjacent at the rectory building, and directly behind the church are vacant lots. The daycare will be in the lot at 207 Ulmer. Directly behind that is the playground, and next to it will be the student pick-up and drop-off. There’s parking in the rectory lot as well,” Penecale said.

In related news, Springfield Township School District was granted a variance to construct a 22,000 sf addition to the existing Middle School building.

The setback will be 35.93 feet from the property line to Route 309 instead of the required 75 feet.

“They approved those variances. It’ll move to land development approval, and eventually will wind up with the Board of Commissioners for final approval,” Penecale said.

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Photos: Wikipedia, Google