Something to Sneeze At: Pollenapocalypse On Its Way

Today’s New York Times has a report with some pretty disturbing drone photos showing parts of North Carolina in a yellow haze.

If you’re someone who suffers from springtime allergies, this news will bring you no joy.

Climate change is contributing to longer and more severe allergy seasons, according to a recent study published in Lancet Planetary Health, which found that pollen loads and durations have been increasing on three continents over the past two decades as average temperatures have risen.

This year, high pollen counts are sweeping much of the country, from New England through the South and across to California. Tulsa, Okla., ranks No. 1 in pollen severity this week, according to The Weather Channel, followed by towns in Texas, New Jersey and North Carolina. In New York City, pollen counts are forecast to be in the higher ranges for the next five days.

On the other hand, maybe more pollen means more plants and more plants mean lower carbon in the atmosphere? Either way, better stock up on tissue, folks.