Renovations for forthcoming Gulf Express in Elkins Park moving forward

The Gulf service station at 8009 Old York Road in Elkins Park will eventually become a renovated “Gulf Express” convenience store plus filling station. The property has been going through the process over the last few months, and progress is starting to show.

The 1,584 sf property’s signage is gone as are the pumps, each of which will be replaced.

Current renovation | Photo: Rhonda Isser

“They’ll be putting in new pumps as part of the approval,” said Henry Sekawungu, Director of Planning and Zoning, Cheltenham Township. “They had initially gotten approvals to convert into a convenience store by removing the garage bays prior to the pandemic. Those permits expired and they have since resuscitated those permits.”

An exact timeline of completion and a grand reopening date are forthcoming.

“There won’t be a shop there anymore. That was part of the Zoning Hearing Board approval process,” Sekawungu said.

Pre-renovation | Photo: Google

The station was originally constructed in 1964.

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Rendering: Gulf