Primex Garden Center to celebrate 80th anniversary with Elcy’s Cafe and Dovetail Artisans

Primex Garden Center, 435 W Glenside Avenue, will celebrate its 80th anniversary by collaborating with two well-known Glenside businesses: Elcy’s Cafe and Dovetail Artisans.

Elcy’s Cafe is featuring the “Primex Pollinator,” a honey lavender latte, on their menu throughout March. Dovetail Artisans is running a promotion through which a planter purchased from Dovetail can be redeemed for a 20% coupon from Primex for a 4″ potted plant.

Primex’s Mission Statement:

As the gardener’s resource since 1943, Primex seeks to nurture both plants and people through quality, care, compassion, and community. We believe in the power of plants to make positive change. As a small business with a big impact, making your lives greener makes ours brighter!

“The featured image artwork done by one of our former employees, Aliza Winneg, preserves a piece of Primex’s history. The blue wall and the murals, a focal point in the back of our nursery for nearly 15 years, was taken out during 2023 construction next door,” Courtney Paoli, Primex marketing strategist, said. “Primex’s goal is to continue growing and evolving for many more generations both literally and figuratively. This mission statement is a testament to what we stand for and what we want the community to feel when they shop with us.”

Primex’s “retro logo”

Primex’s History:

In 1943 William Green purchased McCaughey Feed & Coal Co. He operated a feed mill and coal company serving the farms and homeowners throughout the region. Our location near the train tracks facilitated bulk deliveries of feed and coal directly into grain silos located where our nursery currently resides. As Glenside developed, so did our business. In 1956 we opened our then newly built store where it still stands today. By this point William’s son, Gordon, had joined his father in business. As interest in home gardening grew, so did our offerings. The houseplant boom of the 70’s drew us further into the plant business and in 1985 Primex built its first greenhouse. By this time, David Green, William’s grandson was working by his father (Gordon) and grandfather’s sides. Throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s we were able to acquire some adjoining properties and expand our facilities and offerings (particularly in the live plant department.) Primex is now 4th generation owned by the Green family. David and his wife Joan, whose son is Marshall Green and whose daughter is Katelyn Green-Ginsberg along with their son in-law Danny Ginsberg operate Primex today. We have established ourselves as a leading resource for garden supplies, plants, and expertise in the Philadelphia region.