Premier Tattoo in Roslyn selling ‘Woody’ t-shirts

Premier Tattoo in Roslyn announced that it is helping to sell t-shirts on behalf of Abington School District legend John “Woody” McGoldrick.

According to Eddie Fagan, the shop’s owner, the small size shirts are on sale for $10, all of which goes to Woody.

From Fagan’s post:

I’ve befriended an old time Abington legend “Woody” He has a number of small size t-shirt’s for sale for only $10. I’ve been trying to help him sell them through my shop. I gain nothing from them. All proceeds go straight to Woody. If anyone is interested please drop by the shop at 1314 Easton Rd Roslyn

For more on Premier Tattoo, you can visit their website. For more on Woody, you can watch the video below:

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