Pet of the Week: Meet Louie

Louie seems to be the preferred name of pugs and boxer-like canines, but it does seem to fit those lovable mugs. This is our third!

This Louie comes from Kristen of Jenkintown, who writes that Louie:

… is entitled, spoiled, won’t poop in the grass — only on my patio. Sometimes even on the stairs of my deck. He tries to eat my tomatoes. He asks to go in and out 57 times a day, and lets every fly in Jenkintown in my house. He only likes car rides if we’re going to get him French fries at a drive-thru. But he’s the sweetest jerk there is, and we love him.

Hard to say “no” to a face like that, but please, keep him out of my garden!

If you have a cat, dog, bird, iguana, or other interesting pet you’d like to introduce to the community, send your story along with a good photo and we’ll post it here.