Oreland Volunteer Fire Company To Use Grant For New Automatic External Defibrillator

The David G. Kelble Jr. Memorial Foundation made a donation to the Oreland Volunteer Fire Company in December.

“The Oreland Volunteer Fire Company would like to thank the David G. Kelble Jr. Memorial Foundation for its generous donation of $1,920.00,” according to a statement from the Fire Company.  “The donation will be used to buy the fire company a new Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) to use in cases of sudden cardiac arrest.”


Pictured in this photograph, left to right, are Mr. Joe Lowe, Board Member of the David G. Kelble Jr. Memorial Foundation;  Mr. Don Sirianni, Deputy Chief of the Oreland Volunteer Fire Company;  Jim, Debbie and Dave Kelble, all board members with the Foundation;  Mr. Chris Quinn, President of the Oreland Volunteer Fire Company;  Mr. Dave Asher, board member of the Foundation;  and Mr. Jim Gordon, Fire Chief at the Oreland Volunteer Fire Company.


“David’s brother, Jim, is a member of Oreland [Volunteer] Fire Company and the Fort Washington Fire Company,” the statement continued.  “David was a member of Weldon Fire Company and a past member of Fort Washington Fire Company.”

​”David was killed in a work-related accident six years ago,” according to the statement.  “His parents, Dave and Debbie, created the foundation…[in 2018] in his memory and honor with the following mission:  ‘To honor David G. Kelble Jr. by supporting the first responder community, in which he was a part, by offering scholarships to volunteer first responders, to help them further education, and provide grants to help promote volunteerism and improve safety in the first responder community.'”


The photograph with the Oreland Volunteer Fire Company logo is provided courtesy of the fire company.

The photograph of the presentation of the check is provided courtesy of the David G. Kelble Jr. Memorial Foundation, 2018.