Opinion with Mike: ‘Why dissolving Jenkintown’s Police just isn’t that just’

Abington resident and Glenside Local contributor Mike Leibrandt recently published an article titled “Why dissolving Jenkintown’s Police just isn’t that just”.

The article discusses some Jenkintown history and Leibrandt’s take on the potential disbanding of the Jenkintown Police Department, the news of which surfaced in early February.

An excerpt:

The residents of Jenkintown have a host of reasons to oppose this move.

The good work of the Jenkintown Police Force is evident. Crime rates for being a victim of a violent crime is a mere one out of 523 compared to a rate of 1 out of 357 in Pennsylvania as a whole. Rates of property crime in Jenkintown were 1 in 69.

For the full story, you can click here. For Leibrandt’s “History with Mike” column, you can click here.

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