Nifty Fifty’s nears completion: Soft opening in November, more hiring fairs coming soon

Chan Nuth, owner of the Nifty Fifty’s in Abington Township, expects to open the retro restaurant around Thanksgiving.

The franchise was initially expected to open in September, but a problem regarding the Township’s permit caused a delay. Construction should be finished in two weeks.

This week’s hiring events are scheduled for Wednesday, October 25, and Saturday, October 28. From there, Nifty Fifty’s is looking to have another hiring fair during the second or third week in November.

“We’re looking to hire locals first, and then we’ll advertise on the internet. We’re looking for about 80 workers,” Nuth said. “So far we’ve trained six employees. Cooks, managers, and a GM. By the time we settle down, we’ll be ready to hire more.”

Nuth expects to host a soft opening on a Saturday in November, followed by a grand opening the following Monday.

The potential for the area’s side streets to be flooded with Nifty’s customers has been a source of concern among residents. Currently, the restaurant’s on-site parking lot holds roughly 30 spaces for customers. Side streets are off-limits, according to Nuth.

“We have everything under control regarding parking. We’ve been working hard on it. We don’t want to bother the neighborhood,” he said. “Customers aren’t permitted to park in the side streets. They’re all one-hour parking spots. Parents can drop their kids off if necessary.”

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Photos: Chan Nuth