Moody Jones Gallery of Glenside will host a closing reception for exhibit ‘Unconfirmed Lines’ on May 18

Moody Jones Gallery of Glenside will close out its exhibition featuring the Curtis Grayson III and David Coleman, Jr. this week.

The exhibit, titled “Unconfined Lines”, offers a unique blend of free-flowing art that beautifully captures scenes that evoke a sense of familiarity and belonging.

The closing reception will be held on Saturday, May 18 from 4:00pm – 8:00pm.

About the Artists

Curtis Grayson III had the desire to be an artist at an early age, whether it was drawing with his first crayon or watching his favorite TV sitcom, “Good Times”, as J.J. (Jimmy Walker) created masterpieces on his easel.

He later learned that all the artwork shown was from The Ernie Barnes’ Collection. His demand for education in the arts continued, and with his undying faith in God, Grayson has been blessed to realize his dream.

David K. Coleman, Jr., a multidisciplinary artist, author, father, and mental health advocate, started drawing as a young child taking after his mother.

Encouraged by the support of teachers and classmates, Coleman went on to attend the prestigious Philadelphia High School for the Creative arts. After graduating he pursued hip-hop recording and production before returning to his undeniable passion of visual art. In 2016, he delved into digital art and in 2019 pixel art animation unlocking a world of creativity and connection.

With his newfound skills, David produced a plethora of commissioned sketches, logos, giphy animations and merch designs. In 2020, his Coloring Queens series on Amazon Kindle received rave reviews, fueling his passion for creating diverse and impactful content. With a growing online following and successful projects, Coleman continues to create and inspire others through his work.

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