Montgomery County recruiting poll workers for Election Day, paid positions available

Dori Sawyer, Director of Elections for Montgomery County Voter Services, said the Montgomery County still needs about 100 poll workers for the November 7 election, CBS News reported.

According to Sawyer, Upper and Lower Moreland townships have been in need of workers in the past.

“I definitely see it,” Shawn Hopkins, Vice Chair of the Upper Moreland Republicans, said. “A lot of times, you don’t realize how many openings there are, how many people are needed, and that they are looking for more help.”

Hopkins also said local party leaders are most successful when recruiting face-to-face.

Susan Worth-LaManna, Chair of the Upper Moreland Democratic Committee, wants to continue to recruit 18-year-old poll workers through high school programs.

“Strong curriculum in the 9th grade and then upwards into senior year so that young people can feel a certain positivity about being recruited,” Worth-LaManna said.

For the County’s Voter Services page and to apply to be a poll worker, you can click here.

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