Mom and Boyfriend Now Being Charged For First Degree Murder of 4 Year Old Boy

The District Attorney of Montgomery County Kevin R. Steele and Abington Chief of Police, Patrick Malloy, announced yesterday that Lisa Smith and Keiff King both of Abington Township, are now being charged for first degree murder of 4 year old, Tahjir Smith.

On January 22, at approximately 6:10 p.m,. Abington Township Police responded to a call of a respiratory emergency at the 1800 block of Lukens Avenue. When the paramedics arrived, the 4 year old boy was unresponsive and limp. He was rushed to Abington Hospital and was later pronounced dead. After investigating, authorities discovered that the Tahjir Smth was beaten for spilling his breakfast cereal. Keiff King and Lisa Smith were arrested for aggravated assault and attempt of first degree murder.

On January 23, Forensic Pathologist Dr. Ian Hood performed the initial autopsy which indicated that the boy died from multiple blunt injuries, thermal injuries and shock. At that time, the manner of death was listed as homicide upon waiting on the return of further test results. On April 4, 2018, the charges were then upgraded to first degree murder after receiving those results.

“The forensic pathologist’s determination that Tahjir’s death was homicide shows what detectives found in our investigation—that this was a violent, sustained beating of a 4-year-old that caused his death,” said Steele. “And it was a beating at the hands of the mother’s boyfriend and the mother, the very person entrusted to care for the boy. The news of this boy’s death has saddened and outraged many people. Two of our best prosecutors—First Assistant District Attorney McCann and ADA Heron—will prosecute the case and will strive to get justice for the senseless killing of young Tahjir.”

Lisa Smith and Keiff King were arraigned on the new charges by Magisterial District Judge John D. Kessler via video from the Montgomery County Correctional Facility, where the defendants have been since their initial arrest.  A preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 18, 2018, before Judge Kessler.