Manor College shares story about two sisters/alumni, now in their 90s

Manor College in Jenkintown recently shared the following story about Nancy and Loy Koehler, who graduated from Manor in 1947 and 1953, respectively. Nancy is in the above photo with the first class at Manor College, then called St. Macrina College. She is at the bottom left in the fur coat, smiling.

Loy said she was blessed to have Sister Bohdanna, Sister Emellia, and Mother Salone as part of her college life. 

“I will always remember we had a wonderful Religion teacher, Father Flynn,” she says. “He was very knowledgeable and kind.  I remember my history teacher’s name was William Snyder and there was Miss Sullivan too.”

Among the fun activities Loy remembers during her time at Manor is decorating the barn for one of their dances and taking long walks to Jenkintown. She recalls that St. Joseph University’s political science club invited Manor students to attend their meetings and join their club. 

Nancy Koehler ’47 was Loy’s older sister, and she attended Manor College as well. 

“She was at Manor in 1947 in the first class! She is 93 years old,” Loy said. 

According to Loy, Nancy remembers her logic teacher’s name was Mr. Horr, but she wasn’t certain how to spell his last name. 

“One of her classmates was Laverne Podney, who was Mother Bohdanna’s sister,” Loy said. “Laverne was famous for making the best Banana Bread!” 

There was a time when LaSalle College contacted Manor to fill a female role in one of their plays, Nancy told her sister Loy. Nancy had theatrical experience from being a member of the Philopatrian Theatre Guild. 

“She got the part!” Loy recounts. “She played a part opposite of the well known Philadelphia swimmer Joe Veduer. He went on to swim in the Olympics and held world records for many years.”

Nancy said this theater experience was quite unique, Loy said. She added, “This is because on Saturday nights she played the part of an adult, as Joe’s wife, and on Sunday nights she played the part of a child, Lucia in the Philopatrian’s production of Our Lady of Fatima.  The production of Our Lady of Fatima was held throughout the city, including St. Basil Academy and at the Academy of Music as a benefit for the Medical Mission Sisters.”

For more on Manor College, 700 Fox Chase Road, Jenkintown, you can visit their website here.

Photo courtesy of Manor College