Male Resident of Glenside Arrested for Child Pornography

Glenside resident, James Wheelock has been arrested and charged for child pornographic images that were found on his cell phone. Wheelock, 50, is facing 45 counts of child pornography and sexual abuse. While investigating the cell phone, authorities also discovered a text message to an unknown source, indicating that Wheelock wanted to sexually assault a 7 year old child as well as a 8 month old baby. When Police arrived at Wheelock’s residence, he was questioned whether or not he knew why they were there. He then replied “yes” and also agreed to his interest in child pornography.

James Wheelock was arrested Nov. 22 and a bail was set at $100,000. Unable to post the bail, he remains in the Correctional Facility of Montgomery County. His preliminary hearing is scheduled to be held on December 5th 2017.