Lynnewood Hall’s purchase detailed by Philly Inquirer

The Philadelphia Inquirer published a piece titled “Preserving Lynnewood Hall” on Wednesday, July 5.

The article details the estate’s history, its June 30 purchase, and what area residents can expect from the Lynnewood Hall Preservation Foundation’s plans going forward.

From the article:

They hope to partner with trade schools and colleges during the restoration, offering craftspeople-in-training a chance to hone their skills on this sprawling historical home. Beyond conservation specialists, carpenters, and water damage experts, they’ll need masons, plasterers, mechanics, electricians, and more.

If the group can execute this plan, Cheltenham residents could one day stroll through public walking trails on Lynnewood’s grounds, newlyweds could dance under the 18th-century Italian mural in its ballroom, and visitors could take tours detailing the house’s engineering or the lives of the servants who tended it during its heyday. They envision the house, once stabilized and safe for the public, as a cultural center, museum, and community hub.

For the full article, you can click here.

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