Lower Moreland PD searching for three Latino males who posed as Amazon deliverymen for home invasion robbery at gunpoint

The Lower Moreland Police Department announced today that they are searching for three Latino males responsible for invading and robbing a home on February 9 in Huntingdon Valley.

According to the police report, the suspects posed as Amazon deliverymen, and, when granted access to the home’s interior, put a gun to the owner’s left temple. The suspects proceeded to ransack the home and fled the scene in a white van.

From the report:

On Thursday, 02/09/2023 at approximately 11:47 hours, Lower Moreland Police Department responded to a residence near Huntingdon Pike and Byberry Road for a reported home invasion robbery. A female resident was home alone when she received a knock on the door. When she looked outside, she observed the attached vehicle parked across the street and three males on her doorstep with a dolley loaded with three cardboard boxes which depicted “Amazon” on them.

When she opened the door the males told her they’d bring the boxes in and when they did, one of the males slipped to her side, put a gun to her left temple and told her not to move. The youngest of the three males watched over her while the other two ransacked the home. The males ransacked the home for approximately 15 minutes before fleeing in the vehicle. They were last seen heading west on the residential road, towards Huntingdon Pike. 

The offenders were described as three Latino males. One was estimated as 18-20 years old. The other two were estimated as between 20-25 years old. One was heavy set and the other two were thin. All three were between 5’6-5’10. There was also a fourth male offender who was the driver of the vehicle. The house had no video surveillance. 

The attached photo of a male is of one of the unidentified suspects. The male has a significant scar on the right side of his face and missing teeth.  If anyone has information, please contact Detective Halota at hhalota@lowermoreland.org or 215-947-3132.