Lightbridge Academy Glenside hosting Fitness Field Week beginning July 15

Lightbridge Academy Glenside is hosting a Fitness Field Week beginning Monday, July 15.

The Fitness Field Week is designed to promote physical activity and teamwork and will feature “a variety of fun and engaging activities, specifically curated based on age groups to ensure an enjoyable and developmentally appropriate experience for all participants,” the school said.

The Fitness Field Week activities include:

  • Track and Field Activities: Encouraging toddlers to run, jump, and engage in various physical activities.
  • Sports Ball Course: Introducing basic sports skills in a playful setting.
  • Block Jumps and Relay Races: Activities designed to enhance coordination and teamwork.
  • Music Appreciation: With songs like “Super Athlete” and “JUMP” to keep the energy high and the fun ongoing.
  • Yoga and Mindfulness: Featuring exercises such as “Surf and Swim Yoga” and “Healthy Heart Poses” to introduce the basics of mindfulness and relaxation.

“This event not only aims to make fitness fun but also highlights the importance of physical education in early childhood development,” the school said.

For more on Lightbridge Academy, located at 361 Highland Avenue in Jenkintown, you can visit their website.

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Photo: Lightbridge Academy