Lakiha “Kiki” Spicer: Mike Tyson’s current wife and a 1994 graduate of Cheltenham High School

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson’s third wife, Lakiha “Kiki” Spicer, is a 1994 graduate of Cheltenham High School.

Her father, Shamshud-Din Ali, was a friend of Don King, Tyson’s boxing promoter, and introduced the two when she was 18 years old. They reportedly dated on and off since 2000 before marrying in 2009 in a private ceremony at the La Bella Wedding Chapel inside the Las Vegas Hilton. Together they have a daughter named Milas and a son named Morocco Elijah. 

Spicer has been described as “a famous personality, entrepreneur, and socialite” and allegedly converted from Islam to Christianity after marrying Tyson. Her father is allegedly a physicist and the imam of the Philadelphia Masjid. He was previously known as Clarence Fowler and was convicted of murder in the 1970s.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Spicer served six months in a federal penitentiary in 2008 after being convicted of fraud and conspiracy over receiving $71,000 for a no-show teaching job from Philly’s Sister Clara Muhammad School.

“Without my wife, I’m a savage animal… I look at women differently as I get older,” Tyson said in an interview. According to, he has credited Spicer for helping him get over his drug addiction.

According to The New York Daily News, Tyson and Spicer renewed their wedding vows in 2011.

Today Spicer owns and operates a clothing boutique and has an estimated net worth of $3 million. She co-wrote “The Undisputed Truth” in 2012, a show based on Mike Tyson’s life.

For more on Spicer, you can watch this interview with HBO Sports:

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Spicer’s Cheltenham High School attendance provided by Chuck Langerman, local historian