Jenkintown provides update on SEPTA’s Stream Restoration Project, Jenkintown150 events

Jenkintown Borough has provided an update on SEPTA’s Stream Restoration Project and a lineup of events for Jenkintown150’s celebration this year.

According to email on behalf of the borough, SEPTA’s contractor will bring in an additional crew on Monday, March 4 to begin chipping the large stumps and clearing the shrubs.

The crew will then remove the balance of the trees that have to come down within the limit of disturbance. Crews will also be leveling out/grading areas within SEPTA’s Right-of-Way, officials said.

Excavation on the basin is scheduled to begin on Thursday, March 14. Scheduled work will be performed Monday through Friday from 6:30am AM to 3:30pm, officials said.

Jenkintown 150, an umbrella organization created by the Jenkintown Community Alliance to help plan, promote and facilitate the borough’s sesquicentennial next year, recently released details about upcoming events.

Check out the flyer:

For more information, you can visit Jenkintown150’s website.

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