Jenkintown police to conduct site survey with low-flying helicopter next week

The Jenkintown Police Department announced that it and other law enforcement partners will be conducting a site survey at the Jenkintown schools’ campus on the afternoon of January 11 for an upcoming training exercise.

The Department noted that the the survey will include a low-flying helicopter which will land on the campus for a short time, and that students will not be on campus during that time.

From the notice:

This training is part of a continue effort to work with our law enforcement partners in our region, the state, and at the federal levels. Preparation, planning, responding, and mitigating are all parts of a sound program to prepare for all emergencies that could affect our region. Collaborating and training with all our partners will help us to be better prepared for the emergency that may occur in our region.

Questions and/or concerns can be directed to Jenkintown Police Chief Thomas Scott.