Jenkintown native, now in 33rd season as Phillie Phanatic, attends Cheltenham Little League’s Opening Day

The Phillie Phanatic debuted 46 years ago on April 25 at Veteran’s Stadium when the Phillies played the Chicago Cubs.

According to local historian Chuck Langerman, the Phanatic’s costume was worn by a former University of Delaware football player in those days.

In 1993, Jenkintown native Tom Burgoyne took over and has donned the suit ever since. Burgoyne is now in his 33rd season and has performed in front of over 60 million fans at Phillies home games and has made appearances around the world.

Burgoyne has co-authored two books about the Phillies and a business/leadership book called “Pheel the Love – How the Most Powerful Force in the Universe Builds Great Companies” and has authored 17 children’s books about the Phanatic.

For more on Burgoyne’s career, books, and keynote speaking appearances, you can visit his website.

For more on how Burgoyne became the Phanatic, you can watch the clip below, which was released on Tuesday, April 23:

On April 20, 2024, the Phanatic attended opening day ceremonies for the Cheltenham Little League.

From left to right (above): Cheltenham Township Police Chief John Slavin, 2005 Cheltenham High graduate and current athletic director Patrick Fleury, Cheltenham Township Commissioner Irv Brockington, and 1983 CHS graduate and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian Scriven.

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