The Inspiring Story Behind Glenside’s Redirected Wood Company

Brittany and Bradley “Meek” McCallister both are professional counselors by trade. The two specialized in working with traumatized children. So devoted to helping such children, the couple became aware of the deficiency in finding qualified, capable and loving families for orphaned and foster kids. As time went on, the more aware they became of the inadequate amount of available, adoptive families, the more they began to realize that God was calling them to start filling this void. It was because of this, that in 2014, Brittany and Meek came to the decision to open up the doors to their own home and adopt a child in need.

Searching for ways to raise money for a very costly adoption process, they decided to hold a silent auction. Meek handcrafted a table from reclaimed wood and built other furniture items and Brittany began painting signs. At the auction, many bidders showed interest in a table that Meek had made. A bidding war began due to the high interest. One particular bidder who lost, approached the couple afterwards and inquired about them making him another table. The two agreed to do so and from that moment on, the orders then began to snowball. Brittany and Meek continued their counseling professions and also worked on filling all the orders they were receiving for their handcrafted furniture pieces.

The McCallisters later realized that working with kids from hard places all day and then to return home to a traumatized child, just wouldn’t be fair. The duo made a mutual decision to redirect their career path, put their counseling aside, and began utilizing their creative skills as their new means. Hence, in July 2015, they opened the Redirected Wood Company, here in Glenside.

As they began their business they also were in the midst of the adoption process. The process itself was a rollercoaster of a long and lengthly ride, lasting until last spring. In May 2017, the couple’s dream came true and Brittany and Meek officially adopted their son Dani, from Ethiopia.

Their business, Redirected Wood Co. focuses on using either reclaimed wood or locally sourced wood. When you pull up to the storefront, you instantly get that rustic, industrial yet cozy feel. It’s one of those places that the second you walk in the door, you will want to purchase everything in sight. They have anything from handcrafted furniture to aesthetic wall art. You can see the pride in the quality of their pieces.

Redirected Wood also offers and hosts monthly essential oil classes on the third Thursday of every month. At each class they discuss different educational topics about specific oils. In addition to all their furniture, decor and accessories that are for sale, they also rent out their cozy retail space for any special events you might have, such as baby/wedding showers or business meetings etc.


You can view a selection of Redirected Wood Company’s products and learn their entire story by clicking  here.