In Other News: Adam Goldberg Takes Questions about Jenkintown

the goldbergs

News blog recently interviewed the creator of “The Goldbergs”, who reveals the show’s relationship with his hometown, Jenkintown.

The interview reveals some juicy trivia. For instance, Goldberg did not originally plan to set the show here and he wanted to call it “The Silvermans,” but thanks to his voluminous collection of home videos, former ABC president Paul Lee suggested he use Jenkintown as the backdrop.

The concept of the show stemmed from my videos. What most people don’t know is that my original concept was so different. It wasn’t based in Jenkintown. The show was not “The Goldbergs” but “The Silvermans.” (Former ABC President) Paul Lee suggested I make a show based on my family. He said I have enough of these videos to make 200 shows. He thought the snippets of actual video I shot during my youth be a great selling point for the show

Goldberg goes on to describe Jenkintown as “a small town but it’s not like a small town in Ohio. Jenkintown is just outside of Philadelphia and not far from New York City.”

He also didn’t get any love from the Inquirer’s TV critic when the show debuted.

They hated the show. I reached out to the writer of the article and asked him to watch the show again. I never heard back from him. He thought the family was annoying. He thought Sean (Giambrone, who portrays Adam) had no charm. He thought that it was about annoying people yelling at each other. 

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