Hospitalizations due to Coronavirus drop to below 200 in Montgomery County

As of February 14th, Pennsylvania reports that 68,160 people in Montgomery County have received the first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. This is up from 59,217 on February 9th. Of the 68,150, there are 21,919 who have received the second dose. Details on the process of getting vaccinated in Montgomery County can be found here.

Montgomery County also now has a phone hotline for those without Internet access. It is currently only for information, not scheduling an appointment. The hotel number is 833-875-3967.

Regarding vaccinations, during last week’s county press briefing, County Commissioner Dr. Val Arkoosh stated that there is no centralized scheduling system for the vaccination. So when you register with the county, you are only registering to receive the vaccination from the county. If you want to schedule to receive a vaccination from a pharmacy or doctor’s office that has received the vaccine, you must do so directly.

Since February 9th, Montgomery County reports that there have been 427 new cases of Coronavirus in the county (see daily numbers in the graph below). This brings the total number of cases countywide since the start of the pandemic to 44,869. Within this total that have been four cases involving the UK variant, which is more contagious. These four cases have not required hospitalization. There are additional cases that are believed, but not confirmed to be the result of the variant.

The number of cases from the most recent 14 days has decreased by 1,134 versus the previous 14 days. Cases from the most recent seven days have increased by 34 versus the previous seven days.

As of February 13th, there were 174 patients in Montgomery County hospitals due to Coronavirus. This is down from 252 patients on February 8th. There are currently 29 patients requiring a ventilator, which is down from 35 on February 13th.

There have been 12 deaths due to Coronavirus reported between February 10th and February 12th. This brings the total number of deaths countywide since the start of the pandemic is 1,178.

DATEDaily Positive Test Results

14 DAY AVERAGE176.5714286

14 DAY TOTAL2472
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The 14-day PCR positivity rate 7.36% as of February 7th, down from 7.69% as of February 4th. Having this number at 5% or under is considered suppression of the virus.

Locally, here are the current numbers:

  • Abington is at 3,134 cases, which is 19 more than since February 9th. There have been 108 deaths
  • Cheltenham is 1,912 cases, which is 11 more than since February 9th. There have been 66 deaths
  • Jenkintown is at 178 cases, which is no change since February 9th. There have been two deaths
  • Springfield is at 1,327 cases, which is seven more than since February 9th. There have been 92 deaths
  • Rockledge is at 171 cases, which is no change since February 9th. There have been two deaths

You can view all of the latest data here.