Hospitalizations due to Coronavirus down to 85 in Montgomery County

Montgomery County officials held a virtual press conference today and announced that since Thursday, June 18th there had been 124 new cases of Coronavirus in the county. There were 48 on June 19th, 26 on June 20th, 31 on June 21st and 19 on June 22nd. Cases involving a long-term care facility totaled 27 from the four day total. The total number of cases in the county since the pandemic began is 8,041.

Since June 18th, two confirmed deaths due to Coronavirus have been reported in the county and the two death occurred between June 4th and 17th. The total number of confirmed deaths in the county is 781, with 652 or 84% tied to a long-term care facility. There have been 88 probable deaths (which are believed to be due to Coronavirus, but there wasn’t a lab test).

Hospitals in the county report that there are currently 85 patients due to Coronavirus and 24 or 29% require a ventilator. This is down from a peak of over 400.

In regards to community testing sites, between April 16th and June 12th, 9,841 have been tested and results are back for 9,690. Over the 48 days, 1,269 have tested positive. The overall positivity rate is 13% and over the last 14 days, it is 11%.

DATEDaily Positive Test ResultsGoal to Move to Yellow Phase
14 DAY AVERAGE37.78571429

The two charts above show the number of new positive cases over the past 14 days. The number of cases has declined by 538 in comparison to the previous 14 days. While the state has abandoned the formula of needing to have an average of no more than 30 cases per day over 14-days to reach the yellow phase of reopening, the charts show that we are still eight cases off that original benchmark.

The local data is as follows:

  • Abington Township is at 565 cases, which is 14 more than June 18
    • There have been 64 deaths in Abington
  • Cheltenham Township is at 515 cases, which is nine more than June 18
    • There have been 49 deaths in Cheltenham
  • Jenkintown is at 29 cases, which is no change since June 18
    • There have been zero deaths in Jenkintown
  • Springfield Township is at 529 cases, which is seven more than June 18
    • There have been 89 deaths in Springfield, which is one more than June 18
  • Rockledge is at 17 cases, which is no change since June 18
    • There has been one death in Rockledge

You can view all the county’s data here.

You can watch today’s press conference below.