Home Improvement Fraud In Our Area

Back on February 1, 2017 two senior citizens of Abington Twp, who resided on the 1500 block of Coulon Road in the Willow Grove area, had a contractor out at their home to give them an estimate for a wheelchair ramp to be installed. Both of the individuals rely on a wheelchair and were in need of the ramp to enter and exit their home.

The couple was asked by the contractor to put a deposit of $3,350 down. They were told to write the check to Patricia Nelligan who supposedly was the boss of the contractor. The check was cashed by Nelligan who fled to South Carolina. The contractor, who identified himself as Chris Lasson, never returned or performed any work.

A detective was assigned to this case and with the help of South Carolina Law Enforcement authorities, they were able to track down Patricia Nelligan and the so called Chris Lasson, who’s real name is Paul Mullin. The two suspects were arraigned in March. Mullin and Nelligan of Arline Avenue in Roslyn were then extradited back to Montgomery County PA and were charged with multiple counts of theft, theft by deception, receiving stolen property, deceptive or fraudulent business practices and home improvement fraud. Their bail was set at $75,000.

Mullin and Nelligan only targeted vulnerable citizens. The Abington Police authorities are searching for any other potential victims that could still be out there. If you know or can identify any other possible victims please contact the Detective Division at 267-536-1100, ext. 1505.

Abington Police Department