Glenside’s Dr. Dana feat. on ‘Keep ’em Healthy with Jami’ podcast

Dr. Dana Mincer, a Glenside resident and owner of Love Health Direct Primary Care in Fort Washington, recently had the honor of being interviewed by Jami DeLucca for the “Keep ’em Healthy with Jami” podcast.

Their discussion delved into various topics, including:

  • The transition from traditional healthcare to holistic direct primary care.
  • The interconnectedness and significance of mental, physical, and spiritual health.
  • Dr. Dana’s belief in the limitations of the conventional “here’s your pill” approach.
  • Personal anecdotes about navigating autoimmune diseases and the journey to healing.
  • The practicality of managing health with a busy schedule, debunking the need for excessive supplementation.
  • Strategies I employ to combat inflammatory processes through mindful dietary choices, targeted supplementation, and incorporating breathwork and movement.
  • Insightful advice on incorporating intermittent fasting into a balanced lifestyle.

The following was authored by Dr. Dana about her new practice:

At the age of 9, I found myself shuttled from one doctor to another, grappling with joint pains and fatigue. Despite my youth, I distinctly recall the pervasive sense that perhaps these healthcare providers didn’t believe me, or worse, didn’t have the time to truly listen. 

Fortunately, I had the unwavering support of my mother, a trained physician assistant, who persisted in questioning the lack of diagnosis and advocated for further evaluation. It took nearly a year of my life before I was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease and received the treatment I desperately needed.

Yet, the feeling of being hurried and dismissed persisted into my second year of residency when I experienced a new array of symptoms, including debilitating fatigue, brain fog, and difficulty swallowing. Upon being diagnosed with autoimmune hypothyroidism and eosinophilic esophagitis, I sought solace from two different specialists, yearning for reassurance in their expertise. Regrettably, the encounters left me feeling invisible, as they seemed more engrossed in their computer screens than in understanding my concerns. I departed their offices with a resigned acceptance of my diagnosis, feeling there was nothing more to be done.

Just weeks ago, I launched my Direct Primary Care Practice, a venture I named Love Health with deliberate intention. Love Health isn’t just a name; it embodies my vision of creating a sanctuary, a sacred haven brimming with trust, mutual respect, and love. It is within this nurturing environment that we not only heal ourselves but also extend healing to those around us.

The full podcast can be found here.

To schedule a free meet and greet and sign up for the practice, you can visit Love Health’s website. Updates and more information are available at Love Health Direct Primary Care’s Facebook page and Instagram page.

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