Glenside Walkabout: Cheeseburger Station

If you haven’t heard yet, the polls are open for voting in this year’s Best of Glenside, and one of the categories is best burger.

I am by no means playing favorites, but I am suggesting that if you haven’t tried a burger at On the Right Track Cafe in the Ardsley SEPTA station, you are missing a good one. If you know a better burger joint, by all means vote for that.

The scrappy little luncheonette has a menu that the owners say are just suggestions, but typical for a short-order place, you will find eggs, burgers, sandwiches, and the other usual suspects. This burger, stacked with a thick tomato slice, lettuce, onion, and a generous blanket of melted cheddar came with a homemade ice tea and chips, all for only $5!

On the Right Track Cafe, Ardsley.

But again, this isn’t an endorsement of any kind. I just wanted to share a nice photo of something tasty with you.