Glenside author shares story of family’s struggle with addiction

Earlier this year, Glenside resident Lillian Gaffney published Rising Up: A Journey of Addiction, Hope, Courage, and Love in which she shares her and her family’s struggle with addiction.

From the back of the book:

Rising Up is a compelling memoir of relationships, abuse, losses, addiction, resilience, and love. The author conveys emotional heartbreak and inspiration experienced during her life’s journey, showing how adversity can be overcome by love and facing reality. Rising Up examines the benefits of growth by taking a raw, honest look at choices, the impact of guilt, and influences of shame in the face of addiction. Gaffney’s experiences describe the strategies she used to build strength, develop courage, and express empathy as she navigated through hardships and setbacks in her life. Writing in journals for 30 years and creating art has fostered forgiveness, acceptance, and transcended tragic pain into healing. Through Lillian’s self-discipline and courage, she offers us hope in altering harmful patterns. Rising Up is a memoir motivated by love.

You can find a profile of Gaffney and the book by here.