‘Gillie Fest’ honors Wyncote resident Devin Spady who died in a triple shooting last week

Performers will pay their respects during a music and comedy concert at Franklin Music Hall on Saturday, July 29 from 6:00pm to midnight.

The concert, called “Gillie Fest,” is being held in honor of Devin Spady, 25, of Wyncote, who was killed in a triple shooting last Thursday night in Philadelphia’s 5800 block of Mascher Street.

Spady was known as rapper YNG Cheese and the son of rapper Gillie Da King (formerly known as Gillie Da Kid), an artist known to speak out against violence. Two others were injured in the triple shooting, and no arrests have been made. A funeral for Spady was held on Monday.

Gillie Fest will feature G Herbo, BabyFace Ray, Philly Freeway and Allen Iverson, according to Philly Voice.

For our previous coverage on Spady’s death, you can click here. For CBS’ coverage, you can watch their video:

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Screengrab courtesy of CBS