Chili Cookoff and Pumpkin Drop in our Town Square. That’s scheduled for November 6th. It will be in the afternoon but I haven’t heard a firm time yet. Pam. Alex Bartlett. Pumpkin drop 5-10 years old, started by the mayor, actually drop pumpkins from a ladder on the town square. Chili: judges, bragging rights, prizes(?),

GEORGE: new development and businesses coming in, “There’s applications coming in pretty regularly.”

Plans for a Smoothie King (not sure when) in the Gateway District. Used to be a bank, subaru dealership was using it to store cars. Check with George.
just off of town square: corner store shop, sandwiches but not full sit-down.

Wells Fargo will be closing: something will go in that space. 440 Old York Rd., next door to Old Church of Our Savior. Starbucks going across the street. moving from Abington into Jenk. Applied for a drive-thru. Grocery store

volunteer organizations doing great work, and even some things like: Food Cupboard has a new director, Nickeleno Ellis, and been very active. Put together community events. Bring in funds and donations. going to partner with them for the chili cook off/drop. work closely with Human Robot. Fill A Bagel.

Executive Director at Jenkintown Food Cupboard

residents who are seeing their rents raised in successive months, which might benefit from some media coverage. 

Borough Hall: ladies sitting outside on the bench. They said their rents are up, consecutive months in some cases. The Summit House complex was for elderly on fixed incomes, so it’s disappointing. Used to be a Baptist Church. next to Borough Hall.

New police chief: “Took over for DiValentino, who’d been here for decades. He’s been a positive change in a lot of ways, including modernizing our police force. He’s always quick to try to do things that are positive for the community, working closely with residents and building relationships. He came from Abington so he knows the area and lots of people.”