Fort Washington’s Inizio Engage launches Nazaré, new learning and capability brand

Inizio Engage recently announced the launch of Nazaré, a new learning and capability brand, which brings together 150+ experts in learning, life sciences, creativity, technology, and behavioral science.

The new brand includes the international company’s partners Axiom, Cormis, Logicearth Learning Services and Ashfield Excellence Academy.

“The launch of Nazaré is incredibly exciting because it means unlike other training providers, we go beyond simple knowledge transfer – we combine science, creativity, and technology to redefine the practice of instructional design,” Charlotte Morris, Global Managing Director, Nazaré said. “This enables us to transform the behavior of our clients’ people and the success of their businesses at the most pivotal moments.”

The launch sees the formation of a new global leadership team of Charlotte Morris, Managing Director, Global; Terri Harchar, Managing Director, North America; and Peter Carlin, Director Learning Technology & Platforms.

“Business leaders need evidence-based learning strategies and programs that inspire real behavior change,” Russ Lidstone, President, Inizio Engage XD, said. “Nazaré provides a unique combination of learning, capability development, technology, creativity, and behavioral science to create learning that delivers real-world results.”

For more on Inizio Engage, located at 1100 Virginia Dr #200, Fort Washington, you can visit their website.

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