Everything You Need To Know About Abington Twp. Refuse/Recycling

Your Scheduled Collection Days

On your scheduled collection day, make sure your refuse and recycle carts are at curbside prior to 7:00 a.m. Curbside is the area between the curb and property line, not to exceed 4′ feet from the road.

You may use any of the 95, 65 or 35 gallon green trash carts provided by Abington Twp. Please only dispose of normal household refuse in trash collection and only items that are recyclable in the labeled recyclable cart.

Click this link for the Alphabetical list of streets for the Refuse/Recycling collection days of Abington Township. Your refuse and recycle collection days are always on the same day. Should your schedule day fall on a holiday they will collect the next business working day for the township.

Yard Waste Collection

Yard waste will be collected on your scheduled refuse/recycle days during March 1, through January 31st.Yard waste will be accepted only in the 30 gallon brown biodegradable bags. Under no circumstances will plastic bags be accepted.

The brown biodegradable paper bags are sold at various locations throughout the township. Brown biodegradable paper bags can weigh no more than 30 lbs. and may be purchased at the Abington Township Building, Florey Lane Highway Yard, Abington Township Public Library, Alverthorpe Manor, Ardsley Community Center, Giant Food Store in Roslyn, and O’Neill’s Food Market on Easton Road in Glenside.

Brush and tree limbs for disposal must be cut into maximum 3 feet lengths and 3 inches in diameter. It must be bundled, tied and placed curbside on your normal trash day. Bring no brush or tree limbs to the highway yard.

Once we receive the updated leaf collection for the Fall 2018 we will post for your availabilty.

Please remember to never place any of the following materials in the trash cart as these materials can harm refuse collectors and the environment:

  • Liquids of any type
  • Medical Waste
  • Syringes in small quantities may be placed into a plastic container, an example being a liquid laundry detergent bottle with the cap replaced and the container then placed into the regular trash
  • Building and construction debris from large projects is the responsibility of the resident or job contractor
  • Furniture, appliances, auto parts, water heaters, major appliances, couches/chairs, car bumpers, fenders, engine blocks, etc. (See Large Item Pick up)
  • Unwrapped sharp objects
  • Household hazardous wastes
  • Large tree limbs and trunks

Items that are recyclable are:

  • Paper: newspapers, bond,computer,construction,fax office shredded, adding machine slips,wrapping and copy, cups, plates, paper towels,napkins and lunch bags. No carbon paper or photographs.
  • Books: shopping catalogs, telephone, paperback and hard back (with or without intact covers)
  • Boxes: corrugated or cardboard, shoe, cereal, pizza, gift, laundry soap, video game, cookie, cake mix, toothpaste and tissue boxes, toilet paper rolls, paper egg cartons, etc. (break down cardboard)
    Cards: greeting and time
  • Cartons : carrier and milk/juice cartons
  • Envelopes: window, standard and manila envelopes and folders
  • Fiber Board:brown wrappers for packaging materials, grocery bags, multi-wall sacks (e.g. pet foods, lawn and garden seed, fertilizer, yard/leaf compost, cement bags and construction paper
  • Junk Mail:magazines, periodicals, fliers, all types of glossy paper
 Household Hazard Waste Collection that Are Acceptable Materials to be Dropped off are:
  • Paint products:Turpentine, paint thinners, paint strippers and removers, oil based paints,stains and varnish, shellac, other solvent based based paint products and spray paint
  • Out Door products: Swimming pool chemicals, weed killers, asphalt sealers, caulking compounds, roof cements, Mini propane tanks, pesticide
  • Automotive Products: grease and rust solvents, fuel additives, carburetor cleaners, transmission/brake fluids, antifreeze, car (lead acid)batteries, truck, motorcycles, marine batteries, gas oil and gas oil mixtures, flares
  • Household products: drain openers, rug cleaners, wood and metal cleaners, mothballs/flakes, adhesive solvents, rechargeable batteries, spot removers, dry cleaning fluids, fire extinguishers, kerosene.
  • Other Household Products: acids,caustics,solvents, flammables, oxidizers, reactives,lead, mercury (thermostats,thermometers), fluorescent tubes, ballast and CFLs, aerosols,electric oil-filled heaters.

Drop off guidelines:

  • No contractors or businesses this is for residential only.
  • Bring all substances in original containers with labels. No mixed materials.
  • Gas containers returned upon request.
  • Tighten lids on all containers. If leaking pack in larger container with newspaper.
  • maximum amount accepted is 25 gallons or 220 pounds (no 25 or go gallon drums)
  • Remain in vehicle, event workers will unload for you.
  • There are no drop off permanent locations in the region for household waste, only the lissten collections

None of the Following Materials Are Acceptable:

Explosives and ammunition, infectious or medical waste, tires, latex paint(water based), electronics,pressured CFCs andHCFCs, helium tanks, gas cylinders, asbestos, radioactive waste, alkaline batteries, appliances/white goods, freon appliances,PCBs and smoke detectors.

Schedule of Montgomery County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events

Saturday, April 22 Indian Valley Middle School 130 Maple Avenue Harleysville, PA 19438

Saturday, May 13 Lockheed Martin (enter on Goddard Boulevard) 230 Mall Boulevard King of Prussia, PA 19406

Saturday, May 20 Temple University– Ambler Campus (enter at 1431 East Butler Avenue) Ambler, PA 19002

Saturday, June 24 Abington Junior High School 2056 Susquehanna Road Abington, PA 19001

Saturday, September 23 Spring-Ford 9th Grade Center 400 South Lewis Road Royersford, PA 19468

SUNDAY, October 22 Lower Merion Transfer Station 1300 North Woodbine Avenue Penn Valley, PA 19072


There are fees for large item pick ups items in Abington Township which are listed below:

Air conditioner – window 20.00
Air conditioner – central unit 30.00
Antenna  5.00
Area rug small (4 x 5, 5 x 7) anything larger is a room  7.50
Auto fender  5.00 – 10.00
Awning  7.50 single – 10.00 double
Baby stroller  5.00
Basketball backs 10.00
Basketball stand (entire) 20.00
Bathtub 15.00
Beach umbrella  5.00
Bed frames (all sizes)  5.00
Bicycle  5.00
Box spring (twin)  5.00
Box spring ( full, queen, king) 10.00
Bucket seat (auto) 10.00
Bureau 10.00
Cabinet  5.00
Car seat/baby  5.00
Car top carrier 10.00
Carpet/pad (room) cut in 3′ lengths, rolled, tied & bound 15.00
Ceiling fan 10.00
Chair (kitchen, dining room)  2.50
Chair (living room) 10.00
Clean out Must be seen
Coffee table   7.50
Computer (tower only)   0.00
Copier – Table Top 10.00
Couch 20.00
Couch (sectional) 3 pieces 25.00
Counter top (8′ maximum cut up) 15.00
Crib with mattress rails, and spring 10.00
Crib no mattress   5.00
Dehumidifier 10.00
Desk (large) 20.00
Desk (small) 10.00
Dishwasher 15.00
Door / screen  7.50
Door interior  5.00
Door entrance 15.00
Dresser 10.00
Dryer 15.00
End table  5.00
Entertainment center 10.00 – 15.00
Exercise Bike  10.00
Fence pole (no concrete)  1.00
Fence posts (no concrete)  1.00
Fence roll (chicken wire – 25 ft.) 15.00
Fencing (8′ sections)  7.50 per section
Fire extinguisher) empty  5.00
Fish Tank  ( 10 gal – 50 gal) 25.00
Freezer 25.00
Furnace 20.00
Futon w/mattress 15.00
Futon (frame only) 10.00
Garage door (metal) 20.00
Garage door (wood) 20.00
Garage door opener 10.00
Glider  8.00
Grill  5.00
Gutters and down spouts (sections 8′ or less)  2.50 per 8′ length
Headboard/foot board  5.00
Highchair  5.00
Hot water heater 15.00
Hot tub (6′ x 6′ – cut up) anything larger – get price 30.00
Hot tub cover small (in half) 10.00
Hot tub cover large (cut up) 20.00
Humidifier 15.00
Ironer (sit down)  5.00
Kerosene heater (empty)  2.50
Ladder (up to 8″) 10.00
Lawn roller  5.00
Love seat 15.00
Mattress (full, queen, king) 10.00
Mattress (twin)  5.00
Microwave oven  7.50
Mirror (cover w/tape) small  5.00
Mirror (large) 10.00
Monitor – computer (no curbside p/u) no curbside p/u
Mower (push) 10.00
Mower (riding) 20.00
Oil tank (cut in half) 30.00
Outboard motor 20.00
Ottoman  5.00
Oven (wall)  5.00
Pallet  2.00
Ping pong table 10.00
Picnic table 10.00
Picnic table w/attached benches 15.00
Ping pong table 10.00
Plastic outdoor chair  2.00
Pole/post (6′ & under – no concrete)  2.50
Pole (basketball)  5.00
Pool Cover (above ground, must be cut up)  10.00
Pool Cover (in-ground, must be cut up)  20.00
Pool filter 10.00
Pool Liner (must be cut up)  20.00
Pool heater 10.00
Pool table (small) 10.00
Pool table / slate  25.00
Propane tank (return where purchased)  1.00
Radiator  5.00
Railing  5.00
Railroad ties (halved)  5.00
Recliners  10.00
Refrigerator (large) 25.00
Refrigerator (small) 15.00
Rowing machine 10.00
Sewing machine  5.00
Shed (wooden) Must be Seen
Shed dismantled) (5 x 7)  (6 x 6) 15.00
Shed (dismantled) (8 x 10) (6 x 8) 25.00
Shower door (glass)  5.00
Sink, porcelain (bathroom/kitchen)  7.50
Sink, metal 10.00
Sink (bathroom)  10.00
Sink w/ vanity 10.00
Ski machine   5.00
Snow blower (large) 20.00
Snow blower (small) 15.00
Sofa 20.00
Sofa (love seat) 15.00
Sofa (sectional) 25.00
Stereo  5.00
Stove 15.00
Stove (whole unit) 10.00
Swing set (must be dismantled) 15.00
Swing set (dismantled) Jungle gym wood 30.00
Table (small) kitchen 10.00
Table (dining room) large 15.00
Television regardless of size (*see Electronic Collection) No curbside P/U
Tires, auto (off rim) limit 4 total  5.00
Tires, auto  (on rim) limit 4 total  7.50
Toilet – whole 10.00
Trampoline (dismantled, 14″) 20.00
Trash compactor 10.00
Treadmill 20.00
Truck cap 25.00
Tub (plastic, porcelain, iron) 15.00
Vacuum cleaner  5.00
Wall oven 10.00
Washer 20.00
Washer/dryer combination 25.00
Water cooler  8.00
Water heater 15.00
Water softener 10.00
Wheelbarrow  5.00
Windows  3.00
Window Screens Trash

David Manzinger
Refuse Superintendent
Phone: 267-536-1037 or the department (1038)_
Email: dmanzinger@abington.org

Refuse Department Office Hours: 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday.

Request for trash can exchanges can be made on weekdays in September by calling 267-536-1038 or 267-536-1034 from of 8 a.m. through 4 p.m.Please use common sense when disposing of trash!

If you have a question with relationship to the above information, please call (267) 536-1038.