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  1. Don’t Just Sit There! An Interactive Comedy Show

    Arts, Hosted By The Royal

  2. Took place on Friday, April 5th, 2024 @ 8:00pm
  3. The Royal
    1 S Easton Rd, Glenside, PA
  4. Get ready for a laughter-packed, interactive extravaganza like no other! "Don't Just Sit There" is not your average comedy show – it's a riotous rollercoaster ride of on-the-spot hilarity where YOU become part of the action!

    Step into our improv wonderland and prepare to unleash your inner comedian. Our talented cast of quick-witted performers will lead you through a series of uproarious games and scenes, guaranteed to have you in stitches. From hilarious characters to off-the-wall scenarios, every moment is a surprise waiting to happen.

    But here's the twist: YOU call the shots! As the audience, you hold the power to shape the direction of each skit. Whether it's suggesting a zany setting, providing quirky character traits, or even jumping into the scene yourself, your creativity fuels the comedic fire.

    With lightning-fast wit and boundless imagination, our ensemble of improv maestros will spin your ideas into side-splitting comedy gold. The energy is electric, the laughter infectious, and the memories unforgettable.

    "Don't Just Sit There" is the ultimate fusion of comedy, collaboration, and chaos. It's a show where the audience isn't just watching – they're an essential part of the performance. So, grab your friends, leave your inhibitions at the door, and join us for a night of uproarious entertainment that you won't want to miss! Get ready to laugh, get ready to play, and most importantly, get ready to NOT just sit there!

    Hosted By Marc Kaye and Tracy Locke

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