Elkins Perk closes its door for good

After 20 years serving the Elkins Park community, Hong Kim, the founder/owner and head barista of Elkins Perk, has decided to close his doors for good.

“I loved the coffee shop, and I don’t think I could find any better customers. I didn’t have any stress with my relationships with them. That’s what kept me going,” Kim said. “The landlord I had was so good, and he supported me as well whenever I needed him. The customers and landlord were big factors in keeping me in business all this time.”

Originally from South Korea, Kim came to the U.S. in 1986. He graduated from Temple University with a degree in computer science in 1991. After a ten-year career as a computer programmer, he decided to switch gears and try his hand as a barista.

“I don’t have the financial pressure for my children’s education anymore, so I’d like to to do other things,” Kim said. “My kids aren’t there anymore asking for money. They’re paying rent by themselves.”

Many members of the community will miss Elkins Perk and the asset it was to the area. Kim wants nothing but the best for them.

“Right now I want to move on to other things. There’s no regret or bad feelings or anything like that. I’m in transition. I put the sign on the window today to show my appreciation to my customers. Business was great. I had to make a decision. There’s another good coffee shop across the street, so I encourage my customers to go there.”

Owner/Founder Hong Kim at the helm of Elkins Perk