Crime Alert In Abington Township

The Abington Township Police Department issued a statement this afternoon regarding a crime on Rockwell Road:

“On December 7, 2018, during the overnight hours at 1:00 AM, a burglary occurred in the 1500 block of Rockwell Road.  The burglar entered a home while the residents were inside sleeping and stole US currency.  The victim awoke and chased the suspect from his home while yelling for his wife to call 9-1-1.”

According to the statement, the Abington Township Police Department “will have extra patrols in the neighborhood.  If you see something or somebody suspicious, especially during the late night hours, please call 9-1-1.”

“The best prevention is to lock your doors and windows,” the statement detailed.  “Motion lights are also an effective deterrent.”

The Abington Township Police Department is asking that “if you have any information that you think may help, contact the assigned detective, Mr. Phil Geliebter at 267-536-1112 or by email.