Cheltenham schools issue Community Threat notice

Cheltenham School District Superintendent Dr. Brian W. Scriven issued a Community Threat notice today.

The announcement makes note of a possible social media threat directed toward Cheltenham schools. According to the notice, Cheltenham police have been made aware of the situation.

The announcement said:

Dear Cheltenham Community,

I’m communicating with you this morning regarding a possible social media threat directed toward our school community. The threat was not specific, nor did it say school name or community location, however, being always vigilant, we wanted to make you aware of the situation. As a result, the Cheltenham Township Police Department has been contacted and is investigating the situation. More information will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

Parents/guardians and scholars, thank you for your continued use of our Safe2Say reporting system. I would like to remind everyone that it is important that when you see something, say something. If you do not feel comfortable coming directly to an adult, you can always report concerns to our schools  via Safe2Say. 


Dr. Brian W. Scriven
Superintendent of Schools