Cheltenham School District releases statement denying decision on before-and-after care and custodians

The Cheltenham School District released a statement this evening in response to a Facebook post that claimed the district had made a decision on subcontracting before-and-after care services and second-shift custodians. The statement denies that any decision has been made.

We believe the Facebook post in question was in the Cheltenham Township Residents Facebook Group.

Below is the statement from the district.

The CSD board and administration have become aware of a Facebook post stating the district has moved forward with its plan to subcontract its before- and after-care service CLASP, as well as its second-shift custodians.

The district has not reached any decisions with regard to subcontracting either of these services. As the board has stated on numerous occasions in recent months, the district engaged in a “Request for Proposal” (RFP) process which identified vendors with whom the district could contract CLASP and second-shift custodial services.

The district is in discussions with the leadership of the Business Employees‘ Council (BEC), the collective bargaining unit for CLASP and second-shift custodians. Prior to any subcontracting, the district will conduct a transparent public hearing in accordance with section 528 of the school code.