Cheltenham Plaza’s Fine Wine & Good Spirits closed after at least 18 Philly-area stores robbed overnight

According to a press release from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, 48 state-run Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores in the Philadelphia area, including one in Cheltenham Plaza, are closed today after 18 stores were looted on Tuesday.

According to Shawn Kelly, press secretary of the PLCB, no employees were hurt, but “some were understandably shaken.” He explained that the stores were “closed in the interest of employee safety and while we assess the damage and loss that occurred. We will reopen stores when it is safe to do so and when the damage is repaired.”

According to the Associated Press, the thefts and unrest took place in downtown northeast and west Philadelphia and included smashed display windows, broken storefront coverings, and seven stolen cars. CBS Philadelphia reported that a security guard was assaulted at the Foot Locker.

According to CNN, the looting took place following peaceful protests over a judge’s decision to dismiss all charges against a former Philadelphia police officer, Mark Dial, in the fatal shooting of 27-year-old Eddie Irizarry on August 14.

The city’s interim police commissioner said he believes the looters were “opportunists” that were not directly connected to the protests.

“This destructive and illegal behavior cannot and will not be tolerated in our city,” Mayor Jim Kenney, a Democrat, said on social media, calling it a “sickening display of opportunistic criminal activity.”

FOX29’s Steve Keeley posted a Tweet which excerpted an email from Kelly:

For FOX29‘s video coverage, you can watch below:

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Screengrab: FOX29