Candles, Sticks & Stones: Abington’s new aromatherapy apothecary and DIY workshop

With the success of Violets in Bloom and its Elkins Park best-sellers, owner Ava Adames partnered with luxury candlemaker Sierra Marrero and brought aromatherapy to Abington.

Since it opened on September 30, Candles, Sticks & Stones has become an apothecary with plenty of natural, clean scents and a variety of candles, aromatic sprays, essential oils, skincare, teas, tinctures and tonics.

It also functions as a do-it-yourself space, as seen in this video:

“They’re all means to support holistic well-being,” Adames said. “Stones and crystals have a variety of ways to bring in good energy and pass it along to others, and crafting is a healing experience.”

This month, Candles, Sticks & Stones is offering a wire-wrapping and beading class with Hannah, a local artisan, on Wednesday, December 13. Residents are invited to learn how to make their own jewelry.

Their winter scent candle experience is scheduled on Friday, December 22, and on December 30, there’s a do-it-yourself home-cleansing spray class.

Every event comes with a coffee and tea bar and snacks.

“You can always walk in, even if you’re not attending a class. You can make anything you want with whatever we have,” Adames said.

If you’re an artisan looking to share your craft, reach out to Candles, Sticks & Stones.

“We’re always looking for paid instructors. We want community members teaching one another,” she said.

For more on the new store at 1310 Easton Road in Roslyn, you can visit their Facebook page and website.

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Photos: Ava Adames