Bird Bot Spotted at Bishop McDevitt HighSchool

Bird Bot, known as the roving robotic raptor, makes a special stop at Bishop McDevitt High School on Friday, as he makes his way to the Superbowl LII. WMMR’s Preston and Steve, are on a mission to get their new born buddy, Bird Bot to visit as many Philadelphia Eagles fans as possible before heading to Minneapolis for the big game.

You might recall back in 2015, Preston Elliot and Steve Morrison created Pope Bot, which received a tremendous amount of attention when Pope Francis came to Philadelphia. Pope Bot essentially was created to prove to the rest of the world, that Philadelphia is a safe and very welcoming place for the pontiff. Pope Bot was passed all around the Delaware Valley as several Philadelphians took photos and posted on social media. The image below is taken from Pope Bot’s Facebook page.

Hence, on January 25th, out of the spirit of Pope Bot, Preston and Steve presented to the public, Bird Bot. Bird Bot’s ultimate goal is to visit as many Philadelphia Eagle fans as time allows, before he embarks to the U.S. Bank Stadium. He then must return to Philadelphia. Bird Bot has already had many encounters throughout the Philadelphia area. The rule is, once he’s under your wing, you are not allowed to keep him for more then a few hours.

Needless to say, yesterday morning, was a big day for Bishop McDevitt High School as they announced the arrival of Bird Bot. With limited time left to get to the Superbowl, he generously jumped into a couple photos with the students and headed on his way.  You can catch some of these photos on Bishop McDevitt’s tweet. For those Bird Bot fans who are curious to see where he might be currently, he of course has his own fan page which tracks his travels.


You may also watch WMMR’s Bird Bot’s launch here.

Photos courtesy from and Bishop McDevitt High School’s Twitter Account.