Bill Cosby Saga Comes to an End with Sentencing and Incarceration

This past week was filled with stories in the news related to sexual assault claims in the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation and Bill Cosby sentencing.  The case against Cosby; a Cheltenham resident ended with a sentence of three to ten years in prison for his 2004, sexual assault on Andrea Constand.

Many of Cosby’s former accusers filled the courtroom on Tuesday to hear the comedian’s fate.”Cosby’s lawyers attempted to secure bail for Cosby while they appealed the sentence, but Judge O’Neill quickly rejected the request.

According to after a three-year legal battle Cosby was led in handcuffs from a Norristown courtroom and was stripped of his clothing, freedom and reputation. The shedding of belongings captured the life transformation from a comedic icon and trailblazer to a Hollywood pariah brought down by his own sense of sexual entitlement – one now faced with spending his final years behind bars labeled as a sexually violent predator.

No one is above the law,” Montgomery County Court Judge Steven T. O’Neill said as he announced the punishment. “No one should be treated differently or disproportionately because of who they are or because of wealth, celebrity, or even philanthropy.”

“Justice arrived today,” DA Kevin Steele said in a press conference following the sentencing. “Bill Cosby has been unmasked.”

Press Conference Video

Cosby was processed into the Montgomery County jail in Lower Providence Township, then  transported to the State Correctional Institution Phoenix in Collegeville. He arrived there just after 6 p.m. to spend the night while officials determine to which state prison he will be sent to serve his term.

This week closes with the sentencing of a once beloved icon and local resident.