At long last, Elkins Nutrition is open for business and poised to expand services for the Cheltenham community

Hector Luis Ybe, longtime resident of Elkins Park, expected to open the health-centric Elkins Nutrition sometime in March.

A series of hiccups and approval delays pushed the grand opening to Friday, May 26, and for Hector, late is better than never.

“It’s a super relief. I’m happy and grateful. It’s something that the community has been supporting, especially emotionally. Every time I saw someone passing by, they told me to stay patient and keep fighting,” he said.

With the inspection process behind him, Hector is already planning next steps, including a focus on mental health and wellness within the next month or two. Elkins Nutrition will offer educational classes such as yoga, breathing, meditation, and personal defense classes for women.

“I’m planning to use this space as a meeting place for all the local sports organizations and the local mental health communities. Artisans, groups, and clubs are all open to use our facilities,” Hector, a pharmacist by training, said.

Each week will feature a different local group via a series of partnerships.

“All of my instructors are ready to start. I just need to put everything together,” he said. “We’re ready to provide services.”

The family-owned holistic store has been in the works for over a year, and is located at 7903 High School Road. Healthy juices, acai bowls, protein drinks, supplements, vitamins, and energy drinks are all part of the menu.

One of Elkins Nutrition’s partners is 4Ocean, a well-known environmental company which will be providing bracelets made from plastic taken from the Pacific Ocean.

For more on Elkins Nutrition, you can visit their Facebook page

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