Arts Fest Highlights: G&G Brewers Back Soon with New Name

Since covering the Glenside beat, it’s become clear to me that you like beer. We’ve previously cited that Glenside now has or will have four breweries, or its it three? Or maybe two? We blame some of that uncertainty on the mystery of G&G Brewers currently located but closed for months on Glenside Avenue.

At today’s Arts Fest, who do we see as we turn the corner onto Wesley Ave, or the Fest’s own “brewers row” for that day, but Jerry the owner of this nomadic brewer, serving some of his latest creations. (That’s him in the photo above.)

“I’m going to be reopening soon,” he claims, “with a new name.” He says it’ll be called Grand Lobo, or “big wolf” Brewing”.

While he says he can no longer claim to have Pennsylvania’s smallest brewery as he did in his former Keswick Village space, he does claim that it will be the only owned by an African-American. However he chooses to promote himself, he’s off to a fine start with the rye ESB he shared with me.

Once open, Glenside (on the Cheltenham side) can then claim a total of four breweries, all within less than a mile of each other.