Abington Arrests Made in Alleged Thefts from Vehicles

Four men were recently arrested in Abington and are suspects for numerous thefts from vehicles in the Abington area. In one instance the four suspects allegedly stole items from the vehicle, and also allegedly stole the car, according to Police. Dale Brown, 18, of Philadelphia, Marco McKinnie, 18 of Drexel Hill, and two minors from Philadelphia were charged with theft and related counts.

“This is one of the most common crimes we see and to avoid being a victim residents are reminded to lock their car doors,” said Sergeant Roger Gillispie, Community Policing Division. “In addition people going to gyms, parks and other locations where they will be away from their cars for an extended time period should secure their valuables in the trunk or glove box, advised Sergeant Gillispie. Thieves will break car windows to get to purses, wallets and other items left in view. “

The four were individuals were arrested on May 25 after Abington Police received a call when a resident on the 600 block of Cricket Avenue heard something in their yard. The resident identified  a 2005 Chevrolet SUV driving away, and officers  found the vehicle and arrested the suspects inside.

Brown and McKinnie were arraigned. and bail was set at $5,000. The juveniles were petitioned to Montgomery County Juvenile Court.

Marco McKinnie, from Abington Police
Dale Brown from Abington Police