Arcadia Students Need Your Help For Glenside Train Station Mural

Nine Arcadia students along with renowned mural painter, David Guinn, have already begun painting phase two of the Glenside Train Station Mural Project. They are seeking financial help for the installation of the LED lights that will take place upon completion of the painting. This coincides with last years phase 1 mural, located on the opposite side of the street, that currently has the LED lights.

The theme of this year’s mural is the natural environment of Glenside. Earlier this year, through community outreach, Glenside was invited to take part in the decision making process for this year’s design of phase 2. Together the students and the community chose to contrast the angular, architecturally focussed design from last year with a design based around curves and natural elements like plants and trees. The lighting was elected to not only harmonize the two murals, but to also create a safe, brightly lit area for pedestrians and commuters.

The Arcadia crew has secured all the finances for the paint and tools for the mural, yet in order to incorporate the lighting, the students have begun a kickstarter campaign. They are in need of contributions from the community to assist in the costs of the installation of the LED lights, to essentially complete the project.

” The lights will be transformative- changing a dark space into an inviting, magical one”, writes Guinn.

In addition, you are also welcomed to join in on the fun with David Guinn and the Arcadia University students on April 21st, at the Arts Festival from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Grab a paint brush and be a part of the next Glenside transformation. Please see the video below created by the Arcadia University Students.


In order to be part of this Glenside transformation you can do so by clicking here.