Abington Township Leaf Collection

This coming week, areas noted as “C”, “D”, “F”, and “J” are scheduled for leaf collections within Abington Township.

“Abington Township has an annual Leaf Collection Program.  The Township is divided into 15 leaf areas labeled ‘A’ through ‘O’,” according to a statement from Abington Township.  “Each area will receive two vacuum collections.”

There are specific rules regulating the leaf collection process.

“Residents must have their leaves curbside on the Monday of the scheduled week of pick up, as the leaf truck will pass by only once during that week,” the statement from Abingtion Township continued.  “Once the leaf machine passes it will not return…If necessary, prevent gathered leaves from blowing by covering the piles with old sheets or blankets weighted down with stones or bricks.  In extremely dry weather, you can also wet the leaves to help prevent blowing.”

According to the statement, the Township “will make every attempt to maintain the schedule, but residents should be prepared for delays due to inclement weather.  Conversely, there will be times when the collection runs smoothly thereby enabling a jump-start on the next area.  If this is the case the vacuum machines will return on Monday for the scheduled collection.”

Click here or click on the map to find the schedule of leaf collections by street.



“Residents who use the services of a private contractor can continue to do so after the proper permits are filled out,” the statement continued.  “Permits are available at the Public Works Office located at 2201 Florey Lane [in] Roslyn…There is no charge for either the permit or dumping of leaves.  If you use a commercial contractor to put out your leaves, contact them early to schedule your cleanup.”

Beyond leaf collection by the leaf truck, “residents can also bag their leaves through the end of December in the brown biodegradable bags, which will be collected by a separate truck on your normal trash day,” according to Abington Township.  “These bags are sold at various locations throughout the Township.  These locations are the Abington Township Building, Florey Lane Highway Yard, Abington Township Public Library, Alverthorpe Manor, Ardsley Community Center, Giant in both Roslyn and Rockledge, and O’Neill’s Food Market on Easton Road in Glenside.”



Abington Township provided several tips on leaf collections:

  • Do not blow leaves into the way of traffic.
  • Try to create piles next to the curb similar to the piles created by those who have already raked their leaves to the curb.
  • Wet leaves in the road may create a slippery surface and therefore a traffic hazard.
  • Do not mix trash or other debris with leaves, grass clippings or brush.  Non-vegetative debris does not decompose and interferes with the composting process therefore making for an inferior product.



The map of the leaf collection areas is provided courtesy of Abington Township, 2018.