Abington Senior High School Honors Military Veterans

Today, on the official observance of Veterans Day, the Abington School District honored several military veterans that work for the senior high school.

“Dr. Jeffrey Fecher spent his first morning as the new Superintendent of Schools alongside Abington Senior High School’s Military Club and student ambassadors as they honored our Abington Senior High School teachers and staff who have served our country in the military,” stated Ms. Allie Artur, Communications Coordinator for the Abington School District.

“Students provided remarks and made a display that consisted of photos and reflections of the staff members’ time in the military,” Ms. Artur continued.  “The Veterans Day honorees included:  Mr. Angelo Berrios, Principal;  Mr. Michael Zanetti, Math Teacher;  Mr. William Anderson, Science Teacher;  Mr. Andrew Borka, Math Teacher;  and Mr. Randy Stillings, Security Agent.”



The new superintendent made it a priority to attend this ceremony and say a few words to thank the military veterans who have served our country.

“On behalf of Abington School District, I thank you for your service to our country and for your dedication to the students of our District,” stated Dr. Fecher.  “I appreciate the time that was taken by our students to research the contributions of our teachers and staff at Abington Senior High School and to recognize them in celebration of Veterans Day.”


The photographs are courtesy of the Abington School District, 2018.